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Pilates Class in Kuala Langat

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Our Pilates Classes in Kuala Langat

private pilates class kuala langat

Private Class
(1 Trainer to 1 Participant)

Our private one-on-one Pilates classes provide a personalized approach to improving your strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness. With individualized attention from our experienced instructors, you'll receive tailored guidance and adjustments that cater to your unique fitness goals and needs. Enjoy the benefits of a customized Pilates routine, designed to enhance your physical well-being and support a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Duet Class
(1 Trainer to 2 Participants)

Experience the benefits of Pilates with a friend or partner in our duet classes. These sessions offer a semi-private setting where you can enjoy the camaraderie of working out together while still receiving personalized attention from our experienced instructors. With tailored guidance and adjustments, you and your duet partner can progress at a pace that suits both of your fitness goals and needs, making the journey towards improved strength, flexibility, and body awareness a shared and enjoyable experience.

Group Pilates Classes in Kuala Langat

Group Equipment Class (3 - 6 people)

Group Equipment Class
(3 - 6 people)

This class uses a machine called the Reformer. It is a spring based resistance equipment that helps to strengthen the arms, legs, and core too. The movement of the machine allows the body to train up a person's stability thus improving their balance too!

Group Mat Class (3 - 15 people)

Group Mat Class
(3 - 15 people)

This is a mat based class which uses props such as the fitness ring, foam roller, rope trainer, etc... to challenge the body in various ways. This helps improves a person's flexibility, muscle tone, and posture too.

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